We had the idea for our monument when looking at a sample of the material. The human form in the centre is in a “cage”, a prison. He represents all the people imprisoned in the Schloss. The imprisoned man is hanging in a dark room which is meant to symbolize the Schloss. We wanted it to be dark, as the time in the Schloss was a dark time for the people who were detained there.  A barbed wire fence separates the inside of the room from the outside world. The poem by Daniel Austin is engraved into the back of the “dark room” and is thus whispering through the “castle”.
We imagine our memorial being placed on something like a stone, so the plaque with the main text can be placed underneath or in front of it.

Riikka Kangas, 
Karoliina Hakkarainen, Samuel Hietalahti, Alina Koivisto, Matti Haapala, Heini-Maarit Takala