"I miss you so much!" - Der indische Schüler Jahnab Pran Kashyap über seinen Aufenthalt in Deutschland

Nur eine Woche nach der Abreise der indischen Reisegruppe (siehe Berichte unten) hat der Schüler Jahnab Pran Kashyap einen ausführlichen Bericht über seinen Aufenthalt in Deutschland verfasst. Er ist zwar in englischer Sprache geschrieben, die wichtigsten Aussagen sind aber dennoch gut und leicht verständlich

"Being in Germany was an awesome experience. Thanks to Sir. Andreas Heise, Sir Latz, our respective host families, and all the members of GIPP, to make our trip a wonderful and memorable one. First of all talking about Steinfeld, I can say that it's a place where everyone would enjoy. Yeah! I still remember the natural beauty of the place. In Steinfeld, we went to the Hermann-Josef Kolleg, the teachers and students there were very nice and friendly. My exchange partner was Kerstin, she is a cute  girl and she is like a sister to me. Kerstin's mom and dad (I used to call them ma'am and sir respectively) were very nice personalities.We went to different classrooms and attended class.

And also we went to Aachen. I made many friends in Steinfeld , some of them are :- Stefan , Kerstin, Lilly, Nina, John, Leonie, Janina, Pia. And how can I forget my lovely sis?, Celine! She is a very good singer too. I will always remember the song, 'l see fire' we sang together..We were very upset and we cried along with our exchange partners when we left Steinfeld.

  Our next stop was Berlin. There my exchange partner was Paul Heyn, who is really a cool guy.He had a small brother, whose name was Emil and I have to appreciate their behaviour..They were so good. Paul's mom and dad gave me and Tushar, lots of love and filled our hearts with joy. I also ran for the "Charity Run" at Salvator School, Berlin. That day I made a lot of friends...Paul introduced me to Paul Gerithz, Paul Wien, Vanessa, Sophie and Marly. During the third round I third round of the run , I met Lukas and Kim. I also met Leevke, Frieke, Mona, Cara, Theresa and Olivia. They all were superb. And I miss them a lot now!!That day I ran 9 kms..We also went to many marvelous places in Berlin. And thank you for the parties, Sir. Andreas.
I would like to thank Sir. Heyn for the marvelous supercar experience he gave us during the weekend. Tushar and I went to pick strawberries from the strawberry field along with Emil and Sir. Uwe Heyn. At our last day in Berlin, after we went for the school, 45 minutes later I got a message from Emil, which says,
         " I miss you,
           I miss you so much!!
           Come back!!"
After reading this text , my eyes sparkled with tears. Miss you bro!
I waved hands to say goodbyes to Paul, Paul Gerithz, Olivia and Leevke, and we went for the Archbishop's place.But while going there, I remembered every fun, every enjoyment we did together..After the meeting with the Archbishop was over, we went for the train station. And the sadest part was Sir. Heise and Sir. Latz were no longer going to accompany us to Bad Wurzach. And that news made me emotional.. But Father Friedrich was to take us to Bad Wurzach.He is a kind and caring person.

  At Bad Wurzach my exchange partner was Hannes Vohrer( the man!!)..His family consist of five members, Sir. Mark Vohrer, Ma'am Nicola Vohrer, Lorenz, Anna and Hannes himself. Ma'am Nicola was like my own mother. She is really a nice person. Sir. Vohrer was so sweet and kind hearted person. And I loved them all a lot. At Salvator Kolleg, it was awesome. I met Miss Sigg, Miss Wick, Ma'am Sabine, Sir. Andreas( they were the teachers at Salvator Kolleg). In my free time I played a lot with Hannes and Anna. And talked a lot with Hannes and Lorenz.In short they are my family at (Luetkirch) Bad Wurzach. At Salvator Kolleg we taught students of class 5 to dance in Indian style. We also went to Munich and to Lake of Constance too. As usual, I made a lot of friends in Bad Wurzach:- Hannes, Ben, Sophia, Nora, Johanna, Jasmin, Verena, Merve, Allena and Julia.

We enjoyed a lot in all the three major places we visited.(Steinfeld, Berlin and Bad Wurzach)!! The experience is indescribable..
   While we were about to leave Bad Wurzach, we all hugged each other. Well, it was Nora's birthday that day. At last I hugged Hannes tightly and said goodbye! Tushar and I said loudly to each an everyone who were present there that,
                 "Ich Liebe Euch Leute"
And we left Bad Wurzach and caught the flight back to India at Frankfurt.
To all my friends in Germany
While writing this report, I am feeling like crying and remembering each moment we spent together...
Really, I miss you all a lot!! You guys are awesome...Leaving Germany was a matter of sadness for us!
Danke!! For all your love...
                "Liebe euch alle"

   Thank you , Sir. Andreas for inviting us to Germany..  And we look forward to have you all in India next year..
Long live salvatorians and humanity,
Long live GIPP!!!!!

Jahnab Pran Kashyap